NICE is a unique charity which believes that every person with a movement disorder has both the potential and the right to specialised services which recognise their needs, desires and wishes.

What do we do?

We teach children and adults with movement disorders strategies to gain greater control over their movements leading to increased confidence, skills and a higher level of potential. To achieve this we use a systematic programme of conscious movement strategies called Conductive Education. Alongside direct services we also offer accredited and non-accredited training programmes for families, students and professionals.

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How can you help us?

We’re a registered charity and each year we need to raise £600k to enable us to provide much needed services for the people we work with. Many of our families do not receive funding so need your help. For as little as £5 you can transform someone’s life and give them the chance to start the process of overcoming the challenges they face every day. Click here to find out how you can help us to support those who need us the most.

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Become involved

You can become involved by accessing our children or adult services; signing up for our newsletter and helping spread the word about the services available; volunteering at our charity to help us raise all important funds; risking life and limb to fundraise through challenge events or make our charity the focus of your workplace to help support us reaching our target. Anything you feel you can do to help will make a difference to someone’s life.

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Meet Our Families

Click here to find out about how Conductive Education has changed the lives of individuals and families alike.


Click here to donate to NICE and directly support our services and fund vital specialised equipment needed for the children and adults.

Fundraising Events

Click here to find out about how you can raise money for NICE via attending our events or creating your own.