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27th January 2015

Post Graduate Module - A Special Pedagogy

23rd January 2015

New image for NICE

14th January 2015

We are now able to accept International students!

Red Boots

Transforming the lives of
children with neurological
motor disorders

When parents discover that their child has a neurological movement disorder, the effects on that family are wide-reaching. Staff working in Red Boots Children’s Services are all professionally trained in Conductive Education to address the needs of such families and transform these children’s lives.

Cannon Hill House

Transforming disability into ability

Adult conductive services were first established in 1990 at the centre in Birmingham. As well as providing services to people with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and neurological conditions resulting in movement problems the centre also carries out research and training. The overarching aim of the department is to provide relevant, high quality services based on individual needs of the person with the condition and their family.

Conductive College

Training and development

The Conductive College, formed in 2011, provides a range of training courses, workshops and consultancies both in the UK and abroad. The aim of the college is to promote the development and advancement of the science and skill of Conductive Education in order to maximise the impact of services for children and adults with neurological motor disorders.

Redboots - Transforming lives of disabled children
Cannon Hill House - Transforming disability into ability
Conductive College

The Foundation for Conductive Education is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England. Registered No 2083754. Registered Charity No. 295873. The Foundation for Conductive Education promotes and safeguards the welfare of its children and vulnerable adults