Reablement is a relatively new concept and is focussed around increasing a person’s independence, level of activity and enjoyment in everyday life. Many reablement services focus around everyday skills such as dressing and cooking. At NICE we believe that reablement should be more than everyday ‘chores’; it should also be used to promote new hobbies, new interests as well as making everyday life easier.

We run a regular programme of reablement sessions which are available FREE of charge for all participants who attend adult conductive rehabilitation sessions.

Sessions include: speech, writing (including calligraphy), cooking, transferring in and out of the car, dressing, games and thinking skills as well as playing with the Nintendo Wii – Wii-rehabilitation.

All sessions are run in response the views of our participants. Topics will vary according to demand and participants can attend as many sessions as they would like. Family members are also welcome.