Speak up

Many people with Parkinson’s experience problems with the volume, articulation and intonation of their speech. Alongside this a reduction in facial expression and gesture can mean that it becomes difficult to convey the message they really want through their speech.

Over the years we have worked with people with Parkinson’s to devise a speech resource guide which can help to directly improve speech and communication. It is not well recorded that quietness of speech is usually linked with small steps when walking and small writing. By working on the speech programme we have seen an indirect benefit on other aspects of movement.

The ‘Speak Up’ sessions are free of charge for people attending the Conductive Rehabilitation sessions. The sessions last for 1–1.5 hours and include a free resource book which can be used at home.

Alongside the session run at NICE conductors can also run workshops for small groups of people with Parkinson’s. These sessions can be run within the wider West Midlands and conductors will travel to a venue of your choice. Cost of these workshops on request.

The speech resource guide is also available to purchase on Amazon if you are unable to attend sessions within the West Midlands region – click here to view on the Amazon store.

“I’ve had a great experience at CE over the last 10 weeks. The staff is friendly and very welcoming. I feel more confident and able to use my body more effectively. I’ve decided to carry on as it has been so beneficial.” – A participant with Parkinson’s