Write Big

Our ability to write clearly and legibly is an important factor in our lives. It may be used for a personal message on a card, for a memo to remember, a phone message or even a shopping list. Our ‘trademark’ is our signature and this also enables us to control our everyday affairs.

Many people with Parkinson’s find that their writing has become smaller, slower and generally more difficult. This often results in them no longer using writing as a form of communication. We do not believe that this is an inevitable symptom of the condition but is one area which can also be worked on to try and improve.

The “Write big” sessions are free of charge for people attending Conductive Rehabilitation sessions. The sessions last for 1hr and include a free resource book which can be used at home.

If you are unable to attend these sessions this resource guide can also be bought on Amazon – click here to view on the Amazon store.

“My husband had CE for 10 sessions. I find that his confidence has grown when walking. I no longer feel that I have to hold his hand to steady him (unless I want to!). Also his writing and speech has improved.” – Wife of a participant who has Parkinson’s