Brain Injury

Due to the specific individual nature of head injuries, conductors will firstly assess the level of ability the participant has and then set goals in consultation with them. These goals will focus on the development of movements for everyday life; help with the ability to plan movements and through increasing confidence work towards re-gaining the maximum range of daily skills possible. Further information on goals will be discussed with the participant during the initial consultation.

Independent of the individual goals set Conductive Education firmly believes that each person will be able to learn new skills and develop greater control over the ones already recovered. Movement is one part of the whole picture and conductors will focus on developing motivation, confidence as well other associated symptoms following a brain injury. All sessions take place within a small group (max 6 people) and each participant is helped to carry out a range of movements designed to support daily activities. We also recognise that the wider family are also living with the condition but from a different perspective. We therefore offer advice and support to carers and family members as well.

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