NICE is a registered charity (no. 295873) committed to providing specialised conductive services to children, adults and their families however in order to achieve this goal we need to raise vital funds to provide these services.

Around 50% of our total income comes from our charitable activities and without these funds we would not be able to continue our work. In the current economic climate many of the people we work with are having other services reduced or removed; this makes our quest to keep our services expanding even more important. However in order to do this we need YOUR help and support.

Our target for charitable income is £600,000 per year. This enables us to not only continue to provide our current level of services but also to develop new and innovative ways of working to meet the increasing number of people who so desperately need our services.

The impact of our services for the people who receive them is priceless. Please help us raise these vital funds in any way you can. Every contribution counts; every penny helps towards making a difference to people’s lives. Our families do not choose to be in the situation they are but you can choose to help them.

Thank you.