Corporate Fundraising

The money we receive through our charitable activities is used to provide direct services, specialised equipment, trips and fun activities for all the children and adults we work with. We also need vital funds to ensure that the building is welcoming, comfortable and provides a positive learning environment.

Your money can:

Directly support our services:

Fund vital specialised equipment needed for the children and adults

£10 can help subsidise a 1.5hr session for an older child or adult

£40 can pay for a one hour input for a pre-school child or an adult

£100 can provide a 2.5hr nursery session for a child

£10 can buy a soft mat to help ensure people are able to work comfortably

£50 can buy specialised toys or equipment to help learning everyday living skills

Example Projects:

Larger sums of money £1,000+ can help us to develop our work through distinct projects. We currently have the following projects:

Milestone Club and Cygnet Transition Group

This service costs us over £120,000 per year and enables us to provide free services for parents and children under the age of five who may be experiencing difficulties with developing movement skills. These services provide the best start in life for the child and enable them to discover their bodies, learn everyday skills such as sitting up, toileting, and preparing for schooling.

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Conversational Café for stroke survivors

This is an informal speech session to help people who have speech problems as a result of having a stroke. Communication is a vital part of our everyday life and by helping these people recover and rediscover their speech we can make a positive difference to their confidence, social activities and family life. This service costs us £2,000 per year.

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Please contact us for information on other projects we may be running which you would like to support.