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Conductive Education (CE) can help support children and adults with movement disorders. All our services aim at complementing other input the person may be receiving and can add additional, specialist input to promote increased opportunities for development.

We currently offer FREE consultations to everyone who is interested in our services. Only following this consultation would the person need to decide if they thought CE would be beneficial for them.

Referral can be through any professional working with the family/person or through self referral. In all circumstances we will take up contact with the family and guide them through the process of finding the best service to meet their needs.

A completed application form starts the process and once received we will offer a date for initial consultation.

We pride ourselves on working as a part of a wider team around the child/family and are always seeking opportunities to work with existing professionals in order to set shared goals to meet individual needs.

All professionals are welcome to visit our services and observe the work first hand.

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Developing stroke care for adults in the community: Rehabilitation through Conductive Education – Click here to view

Professional Referral

  • Send details of the family directly to us and we will contact them to guide them through the application.
  • Help person to complete application form and send directly to us.
  • We will arrange an initial consultation where we discuss how Conductive Education may help.
  • Following this the person can make an informed decision about attending our services.

CE Myths and Facts

Over the past three decades there have been many attempts at describing Conductive Education (CE) which have caused confusion and in some cases complete misunderstanding of CE.

Click here to find out more about CE myths and facts.

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