Postgraduate Module Running from May 2016

The Special Pedagogy Module is a chance for conductors to revise the basic principles of CE in a concise and easy format. It will support you if you need to give presentations; it will provide a more theoretical framework for you to place your practice and will start the process of developing your own professional development at master’s level. I would highly recommend this module for conductors to ensure that knowledge is up-to-date and relevant for the UK professional workplace.

The module is also aimed at professionals including teachers, therapists and psychologists who may currently be working with children in a CE environment, carrying out research into CE or have a professional interest in understanding CE as a system of special education.

It will enable you to gain critical knowledge of the philosophy, process and practice of Conductive Education. This knowledge will provide a framework for you to place CE in a wider context and enhance your professional skills and practice.

If you would like further information please contact Marie McCann at or call 0121 442 5556.

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