Tadgh's Story

Tadgh has been attending NICE since he was 3 years old. His parents have seen a notable improvement both physically and intellectually due to the care and and dedication of the NICE team … click here to read more.

“Tadgh has come on so much since attending NICE. It is great to see him want to interact, and how, with his newly learnt skill of walking with a walker.” – Tadhg’s Mum

Mary's Story

Mary suffered a stroke whilst in the womb causing damage to her developing brain. Her parents were devasted and frightened because they had no idea how it would affect Mary in the long term. Mary was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at 7 months old … click here to read more.

“Coming to Conductive Education has been the single most important influence on Mary’s development. It has had a massive impact on not only her life but our family life as well.” – Mary’s Mum

Ava's Story

Ava was born with cerebral palsy which affected her movement, her communication and her vision as well as her ability to dress and feed herself. She lacked the motivation and the skills needed to move or play and spent many hours screaming with frustration … click here to read more.

“With the help of Conductive Education, Ava has reached many goals. Day to day living has improved dramatically and Ava is a much happier and confident child.” – Ava’s Mum

Harrison's Story

Harrison’s birth was a difficult one, delivered by forceps, but eventually he arrived a beautiful baby boy; a dream baby to his very proud mum and dad. It was after a few weeks that things started to make us concerned that something was not as perfect as we thought … click here to read more.

“Harrison is such a confident and happy young boy, every day is a day full of fun and games that fill our hearts with love and gratitude to all at NICE.” 

Abdur-Rahman’s Story

Abdur-Rahman was born 10 weeks premature. Soon after birth, he was diagnosed with cysts on the brain and spent 9 weeks in hospital. Not long after he was discharged from hospital, Abdur-Rahman was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy with extra muscle tone … click here to read more.

“Abdur-Rahman’s future is now so much more positive. He has become a sociable happy child who can now engage with his surroundings and is an active member of the group at NICE which he attends alongside his local nursery.” – Abdur-Rahman’s Mum

Emily's Story

Emily was born with a rare genetic disorder that means that her development has been significantly delayed both mentally and physically. She struggles with the day-to-day development that comes naturally to most children … click here to read more.

“I have seen first-hand how devastating it is to parents to receive a diagnosis such as the one we received. I can’t begin to tell you the positive impact the Charity has had on our lives. The biggest gift you can give parents of a disabled child is hope for the future. This is exactly what the charity has provided to us.” – Emily’s Mum

Laila’s Story

Laila has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of severe, uncontrollable and life-limiting epilepsy. She is five years old, and has had life-threatening seizures since she was three months old. She must always be within 15 minutes of a hospital and has spent many terrifying episodes in the resuscitation room at Birmingham Children’s Hospital … click here to read more.

“Laila has so many challenges in her life but I watch her make progress all the time and know much of

that is due to NICE. As a whole family too, the support we receive keeps us going. Life with a disabled child can be isolating and overwhelming but NICE gives us advice, care and understanding.” – Laila’s Mum



Francesca is 26 years old and was born with Athetoid cerebral palsy which affects her speech and muscles and causes involuntary motor movements through-out her whole body. When she was growing up, her mum and dad took her over to Hungary to the Pető Institute twice a year, for a couple months at a time, starting at age three … click here to read more.

“Conductive Education has helped me get back every-thing I had lost, and given me more confidence in myself and my abilities.” – Francesca

Roy's Story

Roy Duckworth is now 74 and retired from his career as an Architect. His job was interesting, he enjoyed his working life and did not feel particularly stressed. However, his life changed dramatically eight years ago, when he suffered a stroke … click here to read more.

“I began coming to Cannon Hill House for Conductive Education sessions in 2008. At that point I was shuffling, and it felt as if my right leg was made of concrete having to be dragged along … I attended for two years on a weekly basis, and I noticed significant improvements, particularly in my ability to walk.” – Roy Duckworth