Specialist training for businesses – Supporting long-term neurological conditions in the workplace

Employees who receive such a diagnosis will naturally be shocked and worried about their future. The role of an employer is crucial in helping the person remain effective and productive in their workplace and timely support can ensure the best outcome for all parties. We never know when such a diagnosis will happen, it is better to be prepared.

CEO of NICE, Dr. Melanie Brown has designed a series of bespoke training packages for HR professionals, managers and business leaders to help your organisation:

  • Understand the nature of neurological conditions in the context of your unique work environment
  • Provide practical techniques to support employees in the workplace whilst maintaining efficiency
  • Fulfil your duty of care as employer

The next training session will run on the 5th December at NICE and run from 10am through to 3pm.

If you have employees that you would like to attend this training please contact Marie McCann on 0121 442 5556 or email mmccann@conductive-education.org.uk by the 25th November.

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