BA Hons CE

To qualify as a conductor requires a three-year full time undergraduate course.

Since September 2012 the BA Hons Conductive Education course has run as a part of the Conductive College training portfolio through Birmingham City University (BCU). Students interested in enrolling on this course would need to apply through BCU following the UCAS procedures.

The course is based on acquiring the skills for a vocational profession. Qualified Conductor Status (QCS) is a worldwide recognised professional qualification and enables graduates to be employed as a conductor. In addition to QCS successful graduates will also receive an honours degree in Conductive Education.

Alongside formal teaching in the philosophy and practice of Conductive Education, students will also learn about neurological conditions such as; cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. To enhance this learning all students complete practice in conductive groups alongside the professional practitioners delivering the programmes (conductors). Students will gain a broad range of experience with children and adults and are able to specialise in one age group from the middle of the second year of study.

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