The National Library of Conductive Education, the world’s only open access academic collection on Conductive Education and related issues is situated in Cannon Hill House on the first floor. It holds an extensive and unique collection of material on Conductive Education, disabilities, special education, adult rehabilitation and relevant issues which is held in various forms, such as conference papers, student dissertations, journals, books, articles, videos and press clippings. Some of the stock is unpublished and therefore not available elsewhere.

The library can be used by all those interested in discovering more about Conductive Education as well as staff, students and service users at the National Institute of Conductive Education.

The library is open during school terms from 8.30am to 4.00pm. Anyone wishing to visit the library should contact us first to arrange a mutually convenient time when a member of staff from Cannon Hill House can be available to offer assistance and support. Please contact Marie McCann on 0121 442 5556 or email

The library also has books for sale:

Mária Hári on Conductive Pedagogy, Gillian Maguire and Andrew Sutton – £10.00

Dina A mother practises Conductive Education, Gabriele Haug – £9.00

Looking Back and Looking Forwards, Gillian Maguire and Ronni Nanton – £4.00

Parkinsons Speech Resource Pack, Melanie Brown – £25.00

Improving Writing Skills: A Resource Pack for People with Parkinsons, Melanie Brown – £15.00

Please contact Marie McCann at for more information.